Our New Dance Studio.........

 "The Christopher Patrick Studio" 

As many people are aware, or maybe not so, Dance is hugely important in gymnastics. When making up floor routines for competitive gymnasts, each gymnast will need a routine to music that suits them as a gymnast, and their personality. It is now possible to loose up to 3 marks from your score just for the lack of choreography, or dance ability,

We are very fortunate to have our very own Choreographer, Coach Sarah, who has been with the club for 21 years, Sarah is a highly successful dance teacher and teaches our squad gymnasts Ballet on a Monday.

Soon the upper floor area of the gymnastics club will be transformed into a dance studio to help with this. We are currently thinking of ideas to fundraise for this to happen. If you have any ideas please speak to someone from the club, all ideas are welcome.

In dance, it is tradition to name your studio. Many older gymnasts and coaches will of course know, our very own biggest cheerleader and Handstand Coach, Christopher Patrick. Chris is Julie's dad. Chris has always been a HUGE part of our gymnastics careers, and although the newer gymnasts will have obviously heard of him, (thanks to the older gymnasts, turned coaches) they may not know him in person. We could not think of a better person to name the studio after than Chris himself, and it will be named "The Christopher Patrick". So lets get our fundraising hats on, and get ready for the grand opening of the new Dance Studio.  



 Our Aim

Having moved into our new gymnastics centre, we are aiming to develop partnerships with the local community, and offer a wide range of other sporting activities. 

We aim to encourage participation in our new disciplines of Freestyle, Adult gymnastics, classes for people with disabilities and boys gymnastics.  By doing this we will develop our skills and coaching experience in these new disciplines.  

We want to establish strong links with local schools and other sports, and are happy to discuss the possibility of other sports clubs making use of our facilities for their benefit.

We will focus our fundraising efforts and hope to expand the range of equipment available, in particular equipment for boys' gymnastics and for people with disabilities, to enable them to achieve their full potential.