Frequently Asked Questions

How much?

We are charging £7 per child, per badge. This includes the badge and certificate (£4)

Why is there a charge?

This is to ensure badge week is available to all our members, and so we can pay our part-time coaches that have made this possible.

Will my coach watch the videos?

Your coach may not be allowed to work at the moment, so your badge may be assessed by a different coach. However, we know our coaches are bursting to see your videos, so they may have a watch.

How do I know if I passed?

The coach will inform you via email. You will also receive a notification from the store when your badge & certificate are available.

What happens if I don’t pass?

The coach will email you with corrections, you may then resubmit the skill. If the gymnast cannot achieve the standard at this time, we will refund the cost of the badge and certificate (£4)

What about Advanced Proficiency?

British Gymnastics has stipulated that Advanced Proficiency should not be attempted at home. We therefore cannot offer online badges for these levels.

What about the badge passports?

You do not need your passport to pass a level. We will update them when we return to the gym.

What level am I?

If you have not taken part in badge week before, you will need to start on level 8.

If you are not sure what level you are on, look at the badge requirements and work out which badge you can safely complete, then submit your videos. If you meet the standard, we will pass it.

Can I wait for the weather to improve?

Yes. We appreciate you need good weather to get outdoors to safely perform some of the skills. We will continue to run the online proficiency badges for as long as people need.