2007 & 2008

Club Competition 2020

All gymnasts born 2007 and 2008


Handspring from 2 feet to flat back.

Choice of 1 or 2 landing mats

(no bonus for higher mat)

(This is from a run)


Float swing

Upward circle

Cast to back hip circle

Cast push away dismount

Bonus 0.5

Cast to straddle or stoop on undershoot dismount

Bonus 2.0

Squat on to catch the high bar,

Swing forwards and back

Swing forwards and back, dismount to the rear

Bonus 0.2 for sticking the landing





Mount of choice to promote creativity

Forward roll to optional exit

½ spin 

Handstand – leading leg to vertical or Cartwheel

Straight jump; Tuck jump

Arabesque or Y balance

Steps of choice between moves

Round off dismount

Bonus 0.2 for sticking the landing


Jump full turn

Handstand forward roll

Cartwheel immediate cartwheel

Backward roll to pike stand

Round off

Bonus 0.5 for connecting a back flip

Forward roll to sit in a straddle

Straddle ½ lever, held for 2 seconds

Bonus 0.3 for held full lever

Turn into favourite splits

Sit in pike; Lie on back;

Bridge with straight legs, kick over to stand

Chasse step cat leap, chasses step split leap

Backward or (pivot turn) forward walkover or tick tock (variation in leg shapes allowed for the tick tock but must be aesthetically pleasing)

1 handed cartwheel

Chelmsford Gymnastics Club

Unit 13 Tattersall Way, Widford Industrial Estate, Chelmsford, CM1 3UB