2009 & 2010

Club Competition 2020

All gymnasts born in 2009 and 2010


Run and jump on springboard

straight jump to land on block, kick to handstand land flat back on safety mat.


Float swing

Upward circle

Cast to back-hip circle

Cast push away dismount

Bonus .05

Straddle or stoop on undershoot dismount

Bonus 0.2 for sticking the landing



Mount of choice to promote creativity

Extended straight jump with change leg to land with other foot in front

Cat leap

½ turn on two feet with straight legs

Arabesque (chest lifted and leg to 45 degrees minimum)

Kick TOWARDS handstand, and land in a lunge

Steps of choice between moves

Straddle jump dismount

Bonus 1.0

Forward roll to optional exit

Bonus  0.2 for sticking the landing


Straddle jump

Cartwheel immediate cartwheel

Round off to backward roll optional exit

Jump full turn

Handstand forward roll

Slide down into favourite splits

Sit in pike; Lie on back

Bridge with straight legs; Shoulder stand to roll out to stand or

Bonus 0.3 for a kick over to stand

Full spin

Chasses step cat leap chasses step scissor kick

Chelmsford Gymnastics Club

Unit 13 Tattersall Way, Widford Industrial Estate, Chelmsford, CM1 3UB