2011 & 2012

Club Competition 2020

All gymnasts born in 2011 and 2012


Run and jump on springboard

straight jump to land on block, walk to end; jump off from 2 feet to land with control  

Bonus 0.2 for sticking the landing


Float swing

Hold Tuck shape

Hold Pike shape

Upward circle

Bonus 0.5 for a back-hip circle

Forward circle dismount



Jump to front support, lift leg over

To sit in a straddle, press into straddle lever and hold for 2, stand

4 walking steps

Straight jump

4 tiptoe steps

Arabesque or Y balance,

4 dipping steps

Straddle jump off to land

Bonus 0.2 for sticking the landing


Tuck jump


Jump half-turn

Backward roll to optional exit

½ spin

Chasses step, cat leap

Slide down into favourite splits

Sit in pike; Lie on back

Bridge with straight legs; Shoulder stand to roll out to stand or

Bonus 0.3 for a kick over to stand

Turn on toes

Kick towards handstand


Chelmsford Gymnastics Club

Unit 13 Tattersall Way, Widford Industrial Estate, Chelmsford, CM1 3UB