2013, 2014, 2015

Club Competition 2020

All gymnasts born in 2013, 2014 and 2015


Run and jump on springboard;

Straight jump to land

Bonus 0.2 for sticking the landing


Hold Tuck shape

Hold Pike shape

Hold Straddle shape

Bonus 1.0

Upward circle

Forward circle dismount


Jump to front support, lift leg over

To sit in a straddle, stand

4 walking steps

Straight jump,

4 tiptoe steps


4 leg lifts

Straight jump off to land

Bonus 0.2 for sticking the landing


Straight jump to land in a plie,

Forward roll

Jump ½ turn

Backward roll down a slope (new blue wedge) or

Bonus 0.3 for tucked backwards roll on the floor

Slide down into favourite splits

Sit in a straddle, show good posture

Sit in a tucked shape, rock backwards and forwards to stand (once)

From crouch, show bunny hop (straight back), back to feet

Bonus 0.3 for each

Kick towards handstand


Chelmsford Gymnastics Club

Unit 13 Tattersall Way, Widford Industrial Estate, Chelmsford, CM1 3UB