Age 10+

Club Competition 2020

Age 10+


Vault table set at lowest height – 110cm;

Run and jump on springboard to one of the following:

  • Squat through / straddle over
  • Handspring flat (mats level to vault table 1.0 mark bonus)
  • Handspring to land on feet (1.5 bonus)


All landings to be held for 3 seconds.


Held pike shape for 3 secs lower to hang;

Upwards circle to:

Layaway back to the bar (show front support)

Layaway to back hip circle to -

Layaway to straddle undershoot;


Landing to be held for 3 seconds.


0.5 bonus for upstart instead of upward circle


Pull up from hang held for 3 seconds (Bonus of 1.0 for muscle up);

L-sit held for 3 seconds;

Inverted hang 3 seconds;

Lower to pike fold to cast into -

X3 swings to back somi dismount to held landing 3 seconds.

Bonus of 0.5 for straight back.

Pommel (Mushroom)

X2 Circles connected


Float swing to land back onto springboard to immediate front support;

Pike lever (held for 3 secs)  into Russian lever cast into -

X3 swings to front dismount,

or X3 swings to handstand dismount or –

X3 swings to flank dismount.  


Landing held for 3 seconds.

0.5 bonus for held handstand and flank dismount.


Round off backward roll (0.5 bonus for round off flic);

Handstand forward roll to stand;

Jump full turn;

Piked backward roll to stand; straight arms;

Lower into Swedish fall (0.5 bonus if Swedish fall goes into splits); Join legs at front;

Bridge held for 3 seconds;

Arabesque into optional round off back somi, or 2-3 steps into front somi for 1.0 bonus.

Chelmsford Gymnastics Club

Unit 13 Tattersall Way, Widford Industrial Estate, Chelmsford, CM1 3UB