Age 4-6

Club Competition 2020

Age 4-6


Run and jump on springboard to straight jump onto to block (held for 3 secs)

Arm swing into handstand fall flat.


Landing to be held for 3 seconds.


Pull up to chin over bar;

Lower down slowly to hang;

Held tuck shape 3 seconds;

Held Pike shape 3 seconds;

X3 swings to drop dismount.


Landing to be held for 3 seconds


Pull up;

Held tuck shape (knees to chest);

Lower into hang to go into German hang held for 3 seconds;

Rotate back into upside down pike fold;

Cast into X3 swings;

Drop dismount to held landing for 3 seconds.

Pommel (Mushroom)

X2 Circles around the mushroom holding each shape for 2 seconds.


Jump up to front support;

Bent arm dip;

Held tuck (3 seconds);

X3 swings to drop dismount between P-bars;


Landing to be held for 3 seconds.


Forward roll to land on feet;

Held dish 3 seconds to lie flat;

Bridge held for 3 seconds;

Lower down into tuck and roll over to side.

Bunny hop x3

Shoulder stand (Hold for 3 secs) – roll out to stand;

Lunge into handstand (Does not have to be held)

Arabesque held for 3 seconds into cartwheel;


Bonus of 0.5 round off instead of cartwheel;

Bonus of 0.5 for held handstand.

Chelmsford Gymnastics Club

Unit 13 Tattersall Way, Widford Industrial Estate, Chelmsford, CM1 3UB