The gym has been extensively cleaned and has put in place multiple measures to keep attendees as safe as possible.

Temperature checking

Gymnasts will have their temperature checked by a coach at the main entrance, using and non-contact laser thermometer. The club will refuse entry to anyone reading above 38.2 C. Please do not leave until your child has entered the gym.

Hand sanitising stations

There is a hand sanitising station by the front entrance and multiple stations around the gym.

Distancing markers

There are 2m distancing markers throughout the gym. The gym can safely handle up to 36 gymnasts at one time, whilst maintaining 2m distancing.

Video warmup

Gymnasts follow a warmup video displayed on a large screen. This is to protect coaches from standing in front of multiple gymnasts breathing heavily. It also eliminates the need for the coach to project their voice, therefore protecting the gymnasts.

Smaller classes

There will only be 6 gymnasts in one class. The club has been working on delivering smaller class sizes for improved quality. These smaller class sizes will remain.

No class crossover

Gymnasts change equipment in a way that does not pass another group.

No communal chalk

British Gymnastics has stipulated that clubs should not use communal chalk bowls. Gymnasts should have their own chalk. Chalk is available from our webstore. A block should last a long time!

Removal of non-cleanable equipment

We have temporarily removed our air track and trampoline, as they cannot sustain continuous chemical cleaning and may not dry fully before the next session.

Increased natural ventilation

Where possible we will have doors open to aid airflow. We will not be using the ceiling fans, as they tend to circulate the same air.

Full clean after every session

Equipment is cleaned before the next session.

Distanced exit strategy

Gymnasts collect their belongings one class at a time and wait on an exit marker. The coach will call for the gymnast, rather than them congregating at the door. To protect your family, they will be asked to clean their hands before leaving.