Youth Gym

Youth Gym

Looking for a quick way to get involved in gymnastics as a teenager?

If you are aged 10-17 years old, then our Youth Sessions would be just the place to learn gymnastics with us.

Our Youth sessions are open sessions, which means that you can use the space to learn under the supervision of our trained coaches. Whilst these are not structured sessions like our main recreational classes, our coaches are always on hand for you to learn any specific moves you wish to develop.

Our Youth sessions are a great way to use the space for any educational comps or exams you may have.

So how does our Youth Session run?

Once you have signed up at reception (You can use our website to complete and download the form before you arrive), then you are ready join in with our warmup.

Our coaches run a warmup to get your body ready for the session and then we go through some basic floor skills with support from coaches if required.

Once the warmup is finished then you are free to explore the space and learn from our coaches whom are on hand to help you develop your skills.

We run two Youth sessions a week (Tuesday and Friday 8-9.30pm) and these continue throughout the half term breaks and summer holidays.

Want to learn more? Then come on down and join us, bring your friends and learn some new skills together! We look forward to meeting you.