Easter Holiday Club and Workshops

Events for the Easter Holidays

Hooray!! The sun is shining, Jubilee celebrations are

on their way and we are holding Holiday events in addition to our normal classes!!

Holiday Clubs are held at  11am-1pm and Workshops are

held at 1.30-3.30pm

Holiday Clubs are available to everyone including

non-members and are running on Monday 30th May,

Tuesday 31st May and Wednesday 1st June 11am-1pm so

if your budding gymnast has a sibling or friend that would

like to join in, you can easily book them in too.

These are priced at £15 per session

Workshops are designed to advance skills and are priced

at £20 but spaces are limited spaces. 

Monday 30th May is Handstands and Cartwheels

and available to all,

Tuesday 31st is Bars and Beams and available to all.

Wednesday 1st June  is Beginners Somersaults

and for this Gymnasts MUST be experienced

(have attended gymnastics classes for more than a month)

and MUST be able to confidently and consistently

perform forwards and backwards rolls. 

If your gymnast is doing the morning holiday club

and afternoon workshop, they can also stay for a

supervised lunch break (£5). Please note we do not provide

lunch but ask that your child be supplied with a packed lunch. 

Please note that due to the work involved in preparing for these events, bookings are non-refundable.