New Starters

New Starters


There will be a member of our team to welcome you and register your child. They will be able to tell you who your child’s coach is. All our coaches should have their names on their tops.

Gymnasts Area

There is a shelving area for gymnasts to keep their belongings on. These are situated on the left-hand side of the gym.

If we are expecting multiple new starters, we will have a coach in this area greeting them. The gymnasts will wait in this area, before being asked to come onto the floor for the warm up.

Group Warm up

All gymnasts take part in a coach led group warm up, before going into their groups. These are to prepare the gymnasts both physically and mentally for their lessons, as well as helping to prevent injury. The warm up will start with a pulse raiser, the coach may do this through a game or using more traditional techniques. They will then perform exercises to encourage muscle activation, followed by stretching. The gymnasts will then go into their groups.

Finding their group

If it’s the beginning of a new term, the coaches will call out the names of the gymnasts in their groups. If your child is starting mid term, the coach will be looking for them.

The Group Lesson

After introductions, the group will move to their designated apparatus, the coach will get the class active as quickly as possible. Groups can have a wide skill range among the gymnasts, so skills may be adapted/varied to individual gymnasts.

End of Session

Coaches will try to maximise time on the equipment. However, they may ask gymnasts to perform a cool down, especially if they have been using shapes or stretches they are unaccustomed to. Almost all lessons will conclude with the gymnasts presenting to the coach.  

Going Home

Gymnasts will return to the shelving area and get ready to go home. They will exit the gym via the fire door next to our big shutter. A coach will be at the door to ensure a parent is present before allowing a child to leave.