Athlete A

Athlete A

On 24th June 2020 a Netflix documentary Athlete A was released to the world. Its contents are a truly horrifying, focusing on a variety of abuses in our sport.

It has a 15 rating.  If you chose to watch the film with your child, please be aware that it is a very difficult and horrible programme to watch and you will need to be prepared.

The documentary shows that USA Gymnastics has over the last two decades allowed sexual, physical and emotional abuse to children to exist. We condemn their actions. They allowed paedophiles and bullies to have a voice and a place of standing.  Larry Nassar the team doctor is now rightly in jail serving a 200-year sentence for his sexual abuse of hundreds of young girls.  When the girls and their parents complained to USA Gymnastics they were ignored or disbelieved.  Athlete A is the anonymous name of the brave gymnast who spoke out, and due to this was dropped from the USA team.  Not because of her ability but because she told the uncomfortable (for USAG) truth. Her name is Maggie Nichols.

Every one of the team at Chelmsford Gymnastics Club want nothing more than a safe sports club that everyone can enjoy. Safeguarding has always been an extremely important part of our gymnastics and we have policies in place to ensure our gymnasts and staff are kept safe in our environment. Our team attend safeguarding courses regularly and are all DBS checked.  We have two brilliant welfare officers - Wendy and Martin along with Director of Coaching Rabin, who are vigilant in keeping everyone safe.

At Chelmsford Gymnastics Club, we want our space to continue to be a safe place for all. That’s why we will double down on this commitment by learning from the mistakes made by USA Gymnastics.

We will listen, we will take action.

Need to talk?

Our coaches will be happy to discuss any aspect of gymnastics or the club's safeguarding measures. Our Facebook messenger is operated by several of our coaches.

Free to call, available 24/7. You can also email, or even write to them. They offer a self-help app, and the website offers advice on various issues.

Free to call, currently available 09:00–00:00. Can message the counsellors if you don’t want to talk with them. The website features useful tools and activities for dealing with anxiety and other issues.